Vascular Malformations

Vascular Malformations

Vascular malformations are vascular channels that show abnormality. They are benign in nature and are present right at the time of birth. These malformations may not be visible for several weeks after birth. These malformations grow slowly throughout the life span of the person.

There are more than a few types of vascular malformations and can form in any part of the body. The capillary stain also sometimes referred to as “port-wine stain” is always present during birth as purple or pink patches on the skin. The colour of the Venous malformations disappears when touched. These malformations are soft to touch and sometimes filled with fluid. Most commonly, these malformations can be detected on tongue, cheek, jaw or lips.

The causes of vascular malformations can be due to abnormal connections between veins and arteries. This abnormality causes high blood flow and a vivacious accumulation of blood vessels. When the excess fluid gets accumulated in the lymph vessels, the lymphatic is formed.

The symptoms of Vascular malformation are highly uneven and are dependent on the size, location, and type of malformation. Symptoms of vascular malformation may be absent throughout life. However, the condition is life threatening if the malformation is arteriovenous.

A combination of surgical and non-surgical methods is used for the treatment of vascular disorders. Laser therapy, embolization, and injection of sclerosing substances can be applied as treatment methods.