Fat Injection

Fat Injection

Fat injection is also known as Microlipoinjection or Autologous Fat Transfer. It is a method of injecting fat for facial fat restoration. Fat restoration therapy can restore gorgeous contours to your chin, under-eye area, cheeks and make your lips plump. It is the process when a person’s own body lipid is used for plumping up emaciated or sunken regions of the face and adds quantity wherever desired.

To whom is this treatment offered?

Facial wear and tear that appears with age can be eliminated using fat injection. Frown lines, marionette lines, smile lines, facial hollows, furrows, and wrinkles can be cured using fat injection. Lips also lose volume with age and can be treated by fat injection. Facial depressions caused due to acne can be treated with this therapy. People who are suffering from such conditions may be treated with autologous fat transfer.

The procedure for fat injection

Microlipoinjection can be done in three steps. The primary step involves sucking of excess body fat. The cleansing and isolation of fat cells are done in the second step. The final step involves the injection of fat cells in the required areas. Usually, fat transfer is done using local anaesthesia; however, in some cases, oral sedatives may be offered to patients.

Effects of fat injection

The effects of fat injection are much more long-lasting than that of fillers. This treatment is absolutely safe since there are no allergic reactions. This method has major benefits as it solves all the facial deformities that come with age. After the injection, there may be bruising or swelling in the donor or receiving site on the face. The pain is, however, minimal, and any discomfort is of short term.