Jaw Reconstruction

Jaw Reconstruction

Jaw problems may sometime require a lot greater than orthodontic measures. Jaw surgery is more commonly known as orthognathic surgery. It can be used to treat not only moderate but also severe issues with the human jaw line. OMS, which stands for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons are the ones who trained in jaw reconstruction surgery. This surgery can enhance a patient’s appearance and improve his speaking, breathing and chewing as well.

There are certain factors which must be considered before a person opts for this surgery.

Abnormal growth in the jaws requires corrective jaw surgery. This abnormal growth condition is often caused due to inheritance. Other causes that may require jaw reconstruction may be due to an inflicted injury or arthritis in the joints. Orthognathic surgery may also be needed in case someone is suffering from difficulty in chewing, swallowing or biting of food. Breakdown and wear of teeth, chronic jaw pains, facial imbalances, crossbites, overbites, deficient chin, gummy smiles and underbites can be treated using Jaw reconstruction methods.

Jaw reconstructive surgery can be performed on either or both of the jaws. Females of age 13 to 15 and males of age 16 to 18 are best suited for this surgery. The surgery is performed totally inside your mouth, and hence, there is no appearance of facial scars. Ones the jaws get aligned properly, bone plates and screws secure them in their new position. In certain cases, extra bone may be added to the jaw.

About one week of the recovery period is needed after this surgery