Breast Reconstruction

Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction is the process of restoring a breast to an almost normal shape, appearance, and size by various cosmetic surgery techniques. After a breast cancer surgery, it is usually followed by mastectomy that is the removal of a breast. The breast reconstruction technique comes to be very useful in this regard. It is both emotionally and physically rewarding for a lady who lost a breast as an effect of cancer. Breast re-creation not only improves your body image but also instils self-confidence in you and gives you a better life. Although the reconstructed breast will be almost looking the same as the natural one, it won’t feel or look exactly the same as the one before.

Before going for breast reconstruction, you must go through proper medical evaluation, timely blood test and must stop smoking. You must avoid taking certain medicines that increase the bleeding. Herbal supplements and anti-inflammatory drug usage must also be stopped since they cause allergies.

Breast reconstruction is performed under general anaesthesia, and the preceding procedures like fat grafting and areola reconstruction can be performed under sedation.

There are a lot of flap techniques used for breast restoration. TRAM, SGIP, IGAP, TUG, and DIEAP are some common example of flaps which are used. They have their distinct features, and a patient’s body condition determines the kind of flap which needs to be used.

The surgery can be followed with side effects like bleeding and infection. Flap surgeries may result in partial or complete loss of sensation. However, there are no life risks associated.